sweet dreams always

Remember this little gem form the Tonys last year? Yeah I’m just gonna leave this right here.

If you’ve seen a show, then you already know
How magical theater can be

It’s a two-hour, live-action, barely affordable, un-lip-synced vision of “Glee“
So, this song goes out to the rest of you
Those who’ve never seen theater before

Because broadway has never been broader
It’s not just for gays anymore!

If you feel like someone that this word excludes
It’s no longer only for dudes who like dudes

Attention every breeder, your invited to the theater
It’s not just for gays anymore!
The glamor of Broadway is beckoning straights
The people who marry in all 50 states

We’re asking every hetero to get to know us better, oh
It’s not just for gays anymore!
It’s for fine, upstanding Christians who know all the song from Grease
It’s for sober-minded businessman who yearn for some release
So, put down your Playboy and go make a plan
To pick up a Playbill and feel like a man

There’s so much to discover with your different-gendered lover
It’s not just for gays
The gays and the Jews

And cousins in from out of town you have to amuse
And the sad, embittered malcontents who write the reviews
And also foreing tourists
And the groups of senior Citizens 
And well-to-do suburbanites 
And liberal intellectuals
Though that group is really only Jews and homosexuals
I’ve lost my train of thought
Oh yes, It’s not just for gays anymore!

We’ve got swarms of Mormons, showgirls, sailors, dancing boys, and nuns
Plus a spider facing, death-defying budget over-runs
So, people from red states, and people from blue
A big broadway rainbow is waiting for you
Come in and be inspired, there’s no sodomy required
Oh it’s not just for gays, it’s not just for gays
We’s be twice as proud to have you it you go both ways
Broadway is not just for gays anymore!

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